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I write for all young people and adults - and anyone in between.

The first book is The Lost Orchid, a tale of intrigue set against the heady backdrop of so-called 'orchid fever' when wealthy clamoured for ever more exotic blooms, and ruthless dealers despatched their most determined and cunning plant hunters to the furthest reaches of the Empire. You can also check out my blog, Orchidmania, for more amazing tales about the secret life of orchids.

After a visit to Montenegro, I ventured once more into fantasy, and came up with Legends of Liria, a six-part series for younger readers. Set in a dramatic mountainous country, it tells of how two young performance artists use their physical skills and native wit to rescue their homeland from a ruthless invader. Part one is Cloud Pearl, now out on Amazon. Visit the blog to get a peek of the prologue and chapter one.

Next came fantasy Ice Trekker featuring Midge, a poor Grell, who misses out on his dream of sailing on the royal flagship and ends up working on a little cargo ship with a tight-lipped crew of dodgy characters.

'As war between the Grells and the Minax looms, Midge begins his journey north to Krønagar, as all the while, the icy skies are seething with ill omens. Soon, he and the crew are facing ruthless rivals, foul weather, cranky monsters, sneaky traps, fiendish weapons and dangerously rotten vegetables. Finally, they must face the ferocious allies of the evil Empress Koya herself … Midge has to risk all in a desperate battle of mythical proportions (it’s that’s big) to save his friends, and the future of his beloved Hundland.'

Other titles include a supernatural anthology, Equinox, now out on Amazon and Smashwords.

By Pamela Kelt

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