City of Sulisia. Formerly Midwells, it once flourished as a spa town, but the wells became fouled. Visitors began to die, and now it languishes in poverty, its street filling with the needy, as the City Custodians live in luxury in their fading pavilion.

A large land mass of hills, mountains, plains and rivers, all surrounded by choppy seas and a hostile coastline. Its cities are Mudwells, in the central midlands, and the capital Barroquia, on the gentler northern coast.

A far cry from the squalor of Mudwells, its fine palaces, long boulevards and marble villas were the inspiration behind True Haven, designed by Otto Karussel’s father.


A tree-covered island, half a day’s sail from Barroquia.

True Haven
A strange city with hidden secrets, populated by gangs of ex-convicts from Mudwells, in charge of keeping the teams of orphans hard at work. Its destiny is to become an unwitting pawn in the power struggle between Mudwells and Barroquia.

Nautilidian Isles
Mysterious group of islands, home to many exotic species, once visited by Jakob Karussel.

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