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Everyone assumes I studied English. I did a little at school, but frankly, I spent most of my time avoiding it. I never quite got to grips with The Hobbit or Jane Austen, despite being bribed by my parents to finish the books.

The only period novel I did enjoy was Moonfleet, set in classic Georgian times, full of smugglers, secrets, codes, diamonds, misty coves and sleazy taverns.

So, having shunned English, I was drawn to other languages - French, Latin and Spanish. And so, at the tender age of 18, I headed off to the University of Manchester to do a degree in Spanish.

On graduating, I endured six brain-fogging months under a news editor who could have been the captain of the Flugelcrampers.

As soon as I could escape, I fled to Oxford and completed an M.Litt thesis on ‘Comic aspects of satirical 17th-century comic interludes by Luis Quiñones de Benavente’, which was fascinating and fun, despite how it sounds.

Unfortunately, I still hadn’t forgotten enough French or Portuguese to end up as a technical translator, but later reverted to copywriting for anyone who would pay.

On a stint in Australia, I ended up as a subeditor, happily correcting other people’s English. Ironic.

As my academic husband muscled up the slippery pole to become a chemistry professor in something even I can’t spell, I moved into educational magazines and online publishing. Then, a daughter arrived and reintroduced me to children’s fiction overnight. Soon, I was hooked. Harry Potter, of course, The Edge Chronicles, the Leviathan trilogy ... everything by Philip Pullman. I had years of catching up to do.

One day, I found myself walking the dogs round Guy’s Cliffe, a Warwickshire beauty spot by the River Avon. I thought ‘to heck with a career’ and took the plunge into writing for myself.

I now write for young people and adults - and anyone in between. To find out more about my other books, click here.

When not writing, I love pottering in the garden, watching my windowsill orchids and keeping up with the best fantasy and adventure stories around.

I love good science fiction, bonkers fantasy (as long as it doesn't take itself too seriously), film noir, murder mysteries and historical fiction.

Just recently, I've been getting hooked on standing stones, Pictish symbols and medieval abbeys. I love our family trips to Scotland. My favourite place? Fingal's Cave was just EPIC.

By Pamela Kelt

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